Leone Hotel Venezia - Leone Hotel Cannaregio - Hotel a Venezia - Leone Hotel Venice

welcomes you
to Venice

Leone Hotel - Leone Hotel Venice

welcomes you
to Venice

In the heart
of Cannaregio

Leone Hotel is located in the heart of the Cannaregio district, immersed in the most authentic, lively and tradition-rich Venice where the life of Venetians flows between water and bridges.

An intimate palazzo of ancient origins that has been completely renovated and from which one can enjoy the most evocative sunsets in the most romantic city in the world

Behind the Jewish Ghetto, the hotel overlooks the Cannaregio Canal, close to the Grand Canal, as well as the main road to Rialto and San Marco, which can be reached with a leisurely stroll through museums, palaces, churches and other fascinating places in the lagoon city.

Comfort and elegance

Leone Hotel spreads out on three floors, lift service provided. On the ground floor guests will find our reception and lounge while the first and second floor host our rooms, equipped with all comforts needed to make the most of your time in Venice.

Our rooms vary in size and category. Each room is furnished in a modern style featuring natural tones and is enriched by photos and paintings of Venice.

The lion of Venice

The lion, a symbol of fortitude and wisdom, represents Venice and is the emblem of St Mark, the city’s patron saint. 

Legend has it that St Mark, while setting sail towards Alexandria in Egypt, encountered a tempest thus seeking refuge in one of the few fishermen’s huts in Venice (most likely located around Rialto). After a frugal meal, he fell asleep. An angel, in the form of a winged lion, appeared to him in a dream and uttered a sentence in Latin: ‘’Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus. Hic requiescet corpus tuum’’, meaning ‘‘Peace be with you, Mark, dear evangelist of mine, here is where your body will rest’’. In the morning, the Saint narrated this event to the fishermen and then departed to Egypt where he eventually met his demise. From then on, for centuries, this legend was passed down from generation to generation making Venetians more and more determined to return Mark’s body to the city. Finally, in 828, two Venetian merchants stole the relics of the Saint from Alexandria and delivered them into the embrace of their homeland.

The winged lion is a recurring feature of innumerable elements in the city:  bridges, boats, paintings, statues, bas-reliefs, and several ‘doorknockers’ spread all over more and less renowned corners of the historic centre.

Let’s find and photograph them!

Canal view

Discover Venice
and its jewels

Visit Venice, its squares, calli, museums and churches and immerse yourself in the secret city among its most hidden and unusual corners.

For booking and information on the activities, please get in touch with us at:

The Grand Canal: the main street of Venice
Venice's Grand Canal is the main 'street' of Venice: 4 km to do by vaporetto or gondola, admiring bridges, palaces, churches and museums.
Venice from the air
Discover a secret Venice from the Boboli staircase or the panoramic terrace of the "Fondaco dei tedeschi".
Venice's islands: colour, history and nature
A splendid landscape, rich in history and life. Far removed from mass tourism, the Venetian islands are enveloped in the tranquillity of nature and the fauna that inhabits them.
Punta della Dogana: the gateway to Venice from the sea
A contemporary art museum of the Pinault Collection, it is an area of Venice with unique characteristics: with its pointed triangular building and its lighthouse more than 6 metres high, it was once the access point for all trade routes.